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There was once this little girl who had a crush on a little doll. One day, as she was walking home from school it suddenly began to rain. As she made her way home she found herself in the hands of her doll, which was given to her by her mom Victoria. Dolls were the symbol of love and life.

She always felt secure in them, and communicated with them as if they were real. Her childhood had a huge impact on her for the sake of dolls. She saw souls through their eyes and found innocence in their hearts. She played with their hair, dressed them up, and had her each meals with them.  

Her passion towards dolls rises each day, every time looking into their eyes. She would always say that “The eyes are the door to the soul” and each doll she ever owned had the most expressive eyes almost surreal. 

Growing up Still did not change her attitude towards dolls. Finally she turn for a new look at the collector herself. Aida Mkhitaryan. She is now a loving wife, caring mom and an amazing grandmother. Aida is married and has two daughters of her own and has 3 grandchildren 2 boys and a girl. She is now a doll collector herself and the owner of “Amazing doll Gallery”. 

She waited her whole life to open to the world the amazing figurines created by the worlds most talented and famous Artists. This volume is an artistic expression of the entire Amazing Doll Gallery Collection, examining through new eyes the true beauty of the dolls from every conceivable angle.  

Today Aida calls her dolls “My children” and cares for them individually. For her, her dolls represent the continuity of life. They remind her of own childhood, show her the children of today and help her look the future. These dolls demonstrate for her the strength of humanity. For many people everywhere in the world, they have become a constant source of pleasure and inspiration. It is with a sense of great pride that she acknowledges this.

Today she wishes for people all over the world to find inspiration through amazing dolls as she found in them, and hopes that this collection will delight the people and that they will feel the brightness shining through.  

I love You Mom! 

Her daughter!  Armine Kiramidzhyan  

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