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            Teddy Bear Story

For many of us Teddy Bear served as our first confidante, best friend and tagalong. Almost every chilled owns a teddy bear and it’s hard to think that less than century ago this toys hadn’t even been thought of. There is a story that the American President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was on a shoot in 1902 after three days no bears were found. Eventually his guides found an old bear which they had trapped – here was the bear for him to shoot. The President refused and the incident was turned into a cartoon by Clifford Berryman in a Washington newspaper.

A Russian émigré Morris Michtom, Who had a store in Brooklyn, made some toy bears and displayed them in the window, named them “Teddy’s Bear”
Morris Michtom Bears become so popular that he established the Ideal Toy Company.

At the same time a German Toy Company called Steiff was developing a jointed bear, which was seen by an American Wholesaler.
Steiff Bears are probably the most sought offer and can be distinguished by their trademark “button in the ear” a round metal tag firmly attached to the bears ear. Old bears have long arms, elongated noses and hump d backs, and often don’t look as friendly as modern ones. Their eyes are glass and they are filled with wood wool, and feel much harder then modern – day bears filled with soft synthetic stuffing.

A well loved teddy bear continues as a staple of childhood, even as younger generations enjoy. Grown-ups who buy one-of-a –kind or designer series teddy bears often disguise their passion as a hobby.

Even Elvis Presley had a teddy bear; he named a Steiff bear, Mobel! Unfortunately, Mobel was damaged severely, last year when a dog tore through museum collection of teddy bears, same nearly 100years old. The collection was valued at nearly $900.000.

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"Elliot" a rare blue Steiff teddy bear
Sold for £49,500, December 1993
London, South Kensington
"Bruin", a fine Steiff teddy bear
Sold for £17,625, December 2000
London, South Kensington

A very rare Steiff hot-water bottle teddy bear, with original canister
Sold for £28,000, December 2002
London, South Kensington


"Teddy Girl" a cinnamon Steiff teddy bear
Sold for £110,000, December 1994
World record price for a teddy bear
London, South Kensington
An exceptionaly fine and rare Steiff black teddy bear
Sold for £91,750, December 2000
London, South Kensington

The Steiff Story

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